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Understanding Position Updates

This article provides information on how to interpret the information presented in a position update from the device log of the ZeroKey Config Tool and Gateway Console, as well as Tera Term.

What is a Device Log Position Update?

A position update is a string of information printed in the Device Log of the Config Tool. It contains all the information sent to the Gateway by a given Mobile and other system information that is used to report the position of that Mobile at the time indicated.

The following is an example of a position update in the Device Log:

[2024-04-22T13:15:09.8023] |I| rf_cmd_update_position: Node: FB:37:5A:4D:2E:FD seq: 839 ins: 0 pos: 1.59043,0.38237,-0.00392 vel: -0.00005,0.00014,-0.00001 rot: 0.99999,0.00040,-0.00143,-0.00470 flag: 00 pf: 33 ts: 90942976

Position Update Review and Breakdown

Real-world Timestamp


This segment indicates the exact date and time of the user’s system when the positioning update was produced.

System Message Type. E = Error, I = Info, V = Verbose, D = Debug


This segment indicates the message level for system debugging purposes. After connection, the Config Tool configures the system to output Debug level, which is the highest message level. Please note that Debug level is not configurable by the user.

Update Type


This segment acts as the header for indicating the update message type.

MAC Address of the Mobile

Node: FB:37:5A:4D:2E:FD

This segment represents the unique device identifier generated during the Mobile’s manufacturing. It consists of 6 bytes in hexadecimal representation, and 12 characters total.

Ultrasonic Position Sequence Number

seq: 839

This segment indicates the sequence number of this ultrasonic positioning epoch on the given Mobile. Sequence numbers increment after each ultrasonic positioning calculation, allowing the sequence to be used to identify duplicate or missing messages.

INS Position Sequence Number

ins: 0

This segment indicates the INS sequence number, and is an identifier for each INS Position generated based on the current ultrasonic epoch.

X, Y, Z Position

pos: 1.59043, 0.38237, -0.00392

This segment indicates the X, Y, and Z positions of the Mobile at the given time, in meters.

Mobile Velocity

vel: -0.00005, 0.00014, -0.00001

This segment indicates the velocity of the Mobile in X, Y, and Z in meters per second.


rot: 0.99999, 0.00040, -0.00143, -0.00470

This segment indicates the orientation of the Mobile, expressed as a unit quaternion: a + bi + cj + dk


flag: 00

This segment specifies the status of the power button, if present:

  • “00” indicates that the button is not being pressed.

  • “01” indicates that the button is being pressed.

Position Flag

pf: 33

The first digit indicates the IMU fusion positioning quality (0-6). The second digit indicates the ultrasonic positioning quality (0-3).

System Time Sync

ts: 90942976

This segment indicates the timestamp of the position update relative to the Gateway’s uptime, in microseconds.

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