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Conducting RF Scans to Find a Clear Channel

This article provides instructions on conducting Radio Frequency (RF) scans to optimize ZeroKey’s wireless communications, ensuring minimal interference and maximum performance.

RF scans involve scanning a range of frequencies to gather data on signal strength and noise levels. You can complete these steps at any point in time, whether it's before or after calibration or positioning.

Initiating the RF Scan

  1. Connect a Gateway to your PC and connect it in the Config Tool.

  2. In the Config Tool, click on the Advanced tab.

  3. Click on Channel Scan to begin scanning across RF channels.


Finding the Recommended Channel

  1. After the scan, check the Device Log for the recommended channel suggested by the system. The entry should look similar to the following:
    scan_all_channels: Recommended channel: 75 with average noise RSSI over -80 dBm: 0.02%

  2. In this instance, channel 75 is identified as the recommended channel, indicating that the system identified it as the least congested among all scanned channels.

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